All You Need to Know About NSSF  | 21-11-2013

The workshop seeks to explain the legal and regulatory provisions in force at the NSSF, as well as to clarify the standards and procedures adopted at the Fund. The workshop will also tackle specific issues and problems faced by corporations, along with their solutions.

This workshop is intended for managers and officers of the administrative, financial and human resource departments, and aims to shed light on their organization’s legal obligations and to assist them in implementing and keeping pace with the procedures adopted at the NSSF. 

The workshop sessions will be conducted by means of lectures. Participants are encouraged to actively contribute in discussions of the subject matter and to draw upon their experiences and cases whereby work was interrupted or objections were raised in matters relating to the NSSF.

USD 390 per participant  (including VAT)
Fees must be paid in full by November 12, 2013

Should you and/or any member of your organization wish to attend the seminar, please complete the Registration Form (click here) and send it to the following:
i.e. Muhanna & co. (Actuaries & Consultants)            
Nadine Baghdady
Tel: 01-371611  Fax: 01-361611
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