Changes to the Legislative and Regulatory Framework for Pension and Provident Funds  | 05-03-2013

Within the framework of our scope of services in the field of the Pension and Provident Funds and taking into consideration the progress and regulation changes in this field, our company organizes educational seminar/workshop which deals with the changes of the legal and regulatory framework that affect the Government and semi-government sector Pension Funds and the Provident Funds in Cyprus. 
The main objective of the seminar is to present and analyze the changes of the new Law (Law 216(I)/2012). For the purposes of the seminar, there will be involvement of the representatives of the Public Administration and Personnel Department from the Ministry of Finance. They will explain all the provision of the new law and the representatives from i.e. Muhanna & co will explain technical examples for the application of the law. 
In addition, the seminar covers the new Law for the supervision of pension and provident funds in Cyprus (Laws 146(I) of 2006 and 44 of 1981 where replaced by Law 208(I) of 2012)

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