Tassia TsikkinisSenior Actuary & Partner

Areas of Expertise

Pensions, Social Insurance, Actuarial & Advisory Services

  • BSc, MSc

Mrs. Tsikkinis graduated from the University of Kent at Canterbury with a BSc in Actuarial Science. She holds a Masters degree in International Securities, Investment and Banking from ICMA centre of the University of Reading.

Ms. Tsikkinis is a member of the Cyprus Association of Actuaries.

Mrs. Tsikkinis has been working with i.e. Muhanna & co. since August 2001 and today serves as Senior Actuary for Pensions and Social Insurance. Her experience includes actuarial consulting services to governments and other national social insurance schemes in the following countries: Bahrain, Cyprus, Gambia, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Beyond the standard actuarial services (actuarial reviews and IAS 26), she assisted many of these organizations in reforming their systems to ensure long term financial sustainability. In addition, she trained officers of these authorities on actuarial related issues relevant to social insurance. She is also responsible for the research projects undertaken by the company.

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