Said KaakourIT Expert

Areas of Expertise

Social Security and IT Management

  • Computer Science Expert
  • University of Canterbury

Mr. Said Kaakour’s experience in Social Security’s IT solutions counts almost 38 years. He has provided IT services to different schemes in the Middle East and East Africa and therefore holds extensive knowledge of various countries. He has provided trainings on ICT Master Plan, Strategic Positioning, Capacity of Strategic Planning and Relevant KPI’s, Administrative organization, Mainstreaming the social insurance coverage, Actuarial Department and data mining tools, procedures review, WEB services and ICT link to NSSF, capacity building and support to HRM policy.

Mr. Kaakour is an instructor in The Muhanna Foundation as he provides courses in administration and IT. He also has experience in teaching in the American University of Beirut as he occupies the pos of student lab advisor and developer.

Said has worked with the European Union on Assessment Study of the organizational structure and the capacity of the National Aid Fund – Jordan (NAF) and developing a system of Key Performance Indicator National Aid Fund. Moreover, he has provided trainings in a variety ISSA Guidelines of Excellence specifically in ICT.

He has worked in companies and governmental organizations in the following countries: Scotland, Egypt, Cyprus, Gambia, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, and Qatar.


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