Ronald ChidiacSenior Actuary & Partner

Areas of Expertise

Insurance, Capital Management, Actuarial, Management Operations

Education & Qualifications
  • Fellow of the French Actuarial Institute
  • Fellow of the Lebanese Actuarial Association
  • Engineer in Statistics & Economy (ENSAE)

Mr. Chidiac has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance & reinsurance industry, as an independent actuarial consultant as well as having held various executive positions in different companies. He has established SARIMA, an actuarial & consultancy firm in 1995, which was integrated into i.e. Muhanna & co in October 2021.

Mr. Chidiac career led him to specialize in Actuarial & Advisory services as well as reinsurance in all classes of business, with a particular focus on Life, Health, Motor, and Bancassurance. After having worked as an independent consulting actuary, he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as a partner to promote actuarial and insurance advisory services across the Middle East. He then left PwC to join Arab Reinsurance Company – founded in 1972 under a Pan Arab initiative – as General Manager in May 2010.

With more than 25 years of experience, Mr. Chidiac has worked with almost 50% of the MENA (re)insurance companies, and established a good network and market intel

Mr. Chidiac joined a reinsurance broker i.e. Broktech as the CEO in 2016. A wide range of new products/solutions were designed and marketed to insurers, reinsurers, and banks, mostly articulating on capital management/relief, balance sheet and P&L protections, and smart capacity (i.e. integrating capacity with dynamic risk management services). This led Mr. Chidiac to establish in 2019 Ixpan, an Insurtech and offshoot company of Broktech.

Mr. Chidiac has also established fully-fledged Motor and Medical Third Party Administrators (TPA), in addition to having pioneered the setting up of an actuarial program in Lebanon through the USJ Faculty of Science where he’s a visiting professor since 2001.

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