Governments & Social Security Agencies


Economic development and higher standards of living depend on the ability of governments to modernize existing social risks management systems and improve job opportunities, particularly for informal sector workers. Our firm provides advisory services to support the design, implementation, and evaluation of social insurance and labor policies. We have world-wide expertise in the areas of pensions, health insurance, unemployment insurance, safety nets, labor regulations, and programs to promote job creation and facilitate labor market transitions; from unemployment/inactivity into a job or between jobs.

Our team of economists, actuaries, legal experts, IT specialists, and management consultants offer a wide range of services for improving the management of social protection systems, or supporting the preparation of reform programs, including the analysis of potential fiscal and social impacts. We also focus on issues related to implementation and evaluation. Thus, we are able to provide technical assistance to develop registration and profiling systems; proxy-means tests; performance-based contracting and payment systems for providers; digital systems to collect contributions and pay benefits; and data collection systems for monitoring and evaluation.

Types of Clients:

  • Ministries of Health, Labor, Finance, Planning, Social Affairs
  • Social Security Organizations
  • National Health Care Organizations
  • International Organizations (e.g., International Labor Organization, World Bank, International Monetary Fund)

Sample of Past Projects:

  • Ministerial Cabinet, Jordan – Achieving Universal Health Care
  • Ivory Coast:  Expanding the Coverage of Social Insurance Programs
  • Ivory Coast:  Programs to Promote Jobs Creation
  • Ivory Coast:  Implementation of Social Protection Policies and Fiscal Space
  • Tanzania:  Expanding the Coverage of the Heath Insurance System

Types of Services:

  • Design of Social Insurance and Labor Policies
  • Assessment of fiscal, labor markets, and re-distributional impacts of reform programs
  • Statutory Actuarial Reviews
  • Design and costing of health plans
  • Design of performance-base contracting and payment systems
  • Improvements in administrative systems (ID, registration, profiling, proxy-means test, collection of contributions and payment of benefits)
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Training

key services :

Actuarial Valuations

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Reform Assistance

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Financial Modelling

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