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For the past three decades, i.e Muhanna & co has been committed to continual innovation to better support the needs of our communities. Our team publishes research papers, policy note series, and publications on a variety of social and economic topics that serve as starting points for broader policy discussions.

Report on Funeral Leave: Affecting Productivity

Published on June 2023

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Report on COVID-19: Emerging Trends

Published on April 2020

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Use the interactive analytics tool below as a companion to the report.

Tool designed by the team at i.e. Muhanna & co: Joe Douaihy & Michael Muhanna. The tool is updated daily based on UN / JHU data by team member Rita Kodsi.

For more details refer to the Policy Note. Use this Country Index to reference the different categories each country falls into in terms of Region, GDP Per Capita, Average Age, and # of Hospital Beds per Million.

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Report on Making Universal Social Insurance a Reality

Published on September 2019

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