2nd Lebanese Labor Law Workshop  | 02-05-2014

In a follow-up of its program which aims to expand the knowledge on laws and procedures related to Social Affairs and Health, and after holding Six workshops entitled “All you need to know about the NSSF”, i.e. Muhanna & co. is pleased to announce its second workshop entitled: "All You Need to Know about the Lebanese Labor Law its Application & Procedures” 
This workshop held on the 2nd of May, 2014 and aims to explain the Legal and Regulatory Provisions in force, along with clarifying the standards and procedures applied at the Ministry of Labor, as well as, to detail the rights and obligations of the employers, the employees, and the workers, and addressing the issues and problems faced by employers and the means to solve them.
This workshop also includes an overview of the labor market structure in Lebanon and the level of wages, as well as a discussion on the employer’s responsibility and the insurance sector’s role in covering liabilities resulting from occupational accidents and providing guidance and suggestions on the most adequate coverage contracts.
The workshop is aimed at managers and personnel working in Legal and Administrative Departments, Departments for Employee Affairs at institutions and companies, as well as employers, in order to inform and enlighten them on legal procedures, and to assist them in adopting and keeping pace with procedures established in the labor law. 
The workshop conducted by means of lectures. Participants are encouraged to actively contribute in discussions of the subject matter and to draw upon their experiences. 
The agenda with the topics covered, the background on the lecturers as well as other details are available in the attached brochure.
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