All You Need to Know About NSSF - NEW and Specialized Workshop  |  27-06-2014

Following the continuous success and highly-acclaimed workshops of the “All You Need to Know About NSSF” series, it is with great pleasure that i.e. Muhanna & co. (Actuaries & Consultants) announces a NEW and Specialized Workshop on employers and their dealings with the NSSF that will be held on June 27, 2014.
This workshop address the most important issues and problems whose explanations and interpretations are marred by confusion, and whose results tend to surprise employers once their organizations are subject to inspection/oversight, or when the organization attempts to retrieve the “Deed of Clearance/Acquittance”, or upon submitting the Annual Nominal Declarations, or upon declaring “final earnings” on which the End-of-Service Indemnity, ...
We are very pleased to have Mr. Ayad Al Sibai (Director of Inspection & Oversight of Institutions and Employers at the NSSF) as a guest speaker and we trust he will shed light on these issues and provide answers and solutions.
The workshop also include explanations of the provisions found in the Briefing Note No. 509, issued on 20 May 2014 from the Director General of the NSSF, on the “Exemptions from increases in delay penalties and fines, and the waiving of debt installments owed to the NSSF” and the methods and procedures that need to be followed in order to benefit from the facilitations made available.
This workshop was intended for employers, as well as managers and officers of the administrative, financial and human resource departments, and aims to shed light on their organization’s legal obligations and to assist them in implementing and keeping pace with the procedures adopted at the NSSF.
 The workshop sessions conducted by means of lectures. Participants are encouraged to actively contribute in discussions of the subject matter and to draw upon their experiences and cases whereby work was interrupted or objections were raised in matters relating to the NSSF.
Ø Session 1: Covered Employees – Deed of Clearance/Aquittance – Violations & Penalties – Briefing Note No. 509 – Provisions of Time Limitation
Ø Session 2: Covered Employers and their responsibilities - Wages and Salary Components Subject to Contributions
Ø Session 3: Explanation and Rectification of the Most Common Mistakes Made when Interpreting Provisions of the Social Security Law  (by Mr. Ayad Al Sibai)
Ø Session 4: End-of-Service Indemnity and the Settlement for which the Employer is liable – EOSI Provisions taken by the employer: are they sufficient or in excess?
Speakers: Messrs. Joseph Khalife, Ayad Al Sibai, Hamid Younis, Iyad Hourani
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