Social Security Part III – Preparing & Organizing the Contribution Schedules & Annual Nominal Declarations  |  04-02-2015

This workshop is intended for finance, accounting and human resources managers, as well as their assistants, of Lebanese companies and institutions including those companies that have already participated in the previous workshops. This workshop aims to explain processes & procedures for the organization of the Contribution Schedules due to the NSSF along with the appendices to the Schedules, including Family Compensation Schedules, in particular the Annual Nominal Declaration which contains detailed accounts for each insured. The workshop will include presentations of exceptional cases & examples faced by companies during the organization period of this declaration, in order to avoid remittances or requests for alteration from the operational units of the NSSF. 
The workshop will be conducted through visual presentations and lectures, and will include practical training sessions throughout consisting of working groups resolving realistic issues covered in the workshop. The booklet containing the topics of the workshop will be distributed to all participants.
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